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More About Me

I began my career at Andesite Capital Management as an Asset Manager. During my time at Andesite, I worked with attorneys, contractors, and real estate agents to convert Non Performing Loans (NPLs) into Real Estate Owned (REO) properties. In 2016 I left to partner with my dad, Jeffrey Dunham, to start a small family holding of commercial real estate assets. Originally I took over management of six assets, with various investors, and an estimated fair market value of $25 Million. Two of the assets were Florida near Jacksonville, the remaining four assets were located in Houston, Texas. We sold the Houston properties, returned the outside capital and began deploying our proceeds into other assets. Soon friends and family were eager to join us. My brother joined in 2021 and today, we manage 15 different LLC’s, each owning one or more real assets, with an estimated fair market value of over $150 Million. Thanks the the support of our clients we are able to distribute over $3 Million annually. The assets are concentrated in suburbs of Austin, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida, with one asset in our hometown of San Diego. 

The New House
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