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Deal Structure

Simple. Consistent. Predictable.

Our Structure

Acquisition Fee - None

Asset Management Fee - None

Preferred Return - 5%, increasing annually 

Distributions - Immediate, paid monthly

Equity Share - 10%

Waterfall - None

Their Structure

Acquisition Fee - 2%

Asset Management Fee - 1%

Preferred Return - 8% not increasing 

Distributions - Deferred

Equity Share - 5%

Waterfall - 30% after preferred return met


From a young age we were taught to loath fees. Bank fees, credit card fees, service fees, processing fees, fees fees fees. So when creating our deal structure, we made a concerted effort to eliminate all fees where possible. We landed on a method of being partners with our clients. 100% of the capital raised is equal to 90% ownership of the asset. 90 -10 partners from day 1. We want our interests and profits to be aligned with our clients, because its fair. 

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